Halloween’s right around the corner, which means the hunt for last minute costumes is on — but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!

This year, lay your go-to cat ears or cowboy hat to rest and go with something that’s got a distinct Montreal flavour. Check out our list of last minute Montreal-themed Halloween costumes and share a laugh with your fellow Montréalais(e) this Halloween!


1. A Montreal Road

Everybody knows the classic fork in the road costume: Wear all black, use yellow electrical tape to draw highway lines down the middle and then glue a plastic fork on as the final touch. To give it a distinct Montreal look, tear a bunch of “pot holes” into your clothes for a more accurate depiction of our city’s roads.


2. A Montreal Cop (On Strike)

All you need is a policeman-esque blue uniform shirt and the most ridiculously coloured camouflage pants you can find. Bonus points of you show up to the party covered in “Libre Négo” stickers. Extra bonus points if you get so drunk you trash City Hall.


3. The Orange Julep

Probably the simplest costume on this list. All you have to do is wear all orange. The rounder/puffier your clothes are, the better the costume will be. Bonus points if you bring a massive unlabeled jug of melted orange creamcicles mixed with egg whites to the party and spend the whole night trying to convince people that the drink is delicious without giving any indications as to what the actual ingredients of the concoction are.


4. Drunk Canadiens Fan

Wear as much Montreal Canadiens gear as you can, then drink as much Coors Light or Molson Export as you can. Spend the whole night trying to spontaneously start Olé Olé Olé chants. If you see two people at the party hooking up, scream “et le buuuuuuut!”


5. Champlain Bridge is Falling Down (two person costume)

First, you and your friend dress head to toe in grey. Find a long piece of Styrofoam and paint it half concrete gray and half classic Champlain Bridge teal. Attach yourselves at the hip to each side of the Styrofoam with tape or glue. As the party goes on, start ripping out chunks of Styrofoam and throwing them at passers by. As the night goes on, you will inevitably get tired of being stuck together and the bridge that binds you will collapse in a probable omen of things to come for the real Champlain bridge.


6. Montreal Construction Worker

Wear jeans, a florescent vest, work boots and a hardhat. Make sure the clothes aren’t dirty and don’t look like they’ve ever been used to do actual construction work. Bring a lunch box. Hang out, don’t exert yourself and eat lunch for the whole party. Bonus points if you spend time eating lunch next to a person dressed as either the Montreal road or the decaying Champlain Bridge.


7. Any Previous Mayor of Montreal or Laval

This one’s pretty easy to pull off. All you really need is a nice suit and a pair of fake handcuffs. Spend the first half of the party bragging to anybody who will listen about how you spent last weekend on the yacht of a “very good friend of yours” who just happens to own a massive construction conglomerate. Spend the second half of the party with hands cuffed behind your back claiming you didn’t do anything wrong.


8. The Anti-Charter of Values

Dress up as your favorite kind of civil servant (doctor, public school teacher, SAAQ service provider, etc.) and wear as many ostentatious religious symbols as you can get your hands on.


9. American/Ontarian Who’s Here to PARTY

Wear whatever clothes you want, but preferably a neon tank top bearing a phrase akin to “keep calm and find molly” or “do you even lift bro?” Get really, really, REALLY drunk. Spend the first two hours of the party asking everybody where Club Ivy and all the hot French Canadians are. Spend the second hour of the party asking everybody where Club SuperSexe is. Spend the last hour of the party disappointed and eating pizza alone.

Illustrations by Leah Concepcion-Vanderbyl.