November is a thankless month. The weather is neither here nor there, but is certainly unpleasant, and those Montreal winds are picking up with terrifying speed. The sun sets earlier and earlier each day and every Montreal resident is becoming more and more of a vampire.

The solution? Eat. There’s a reason why people put on a little winter belly every year — it keeps you warm and is the direct result of eating delicious things that make the days a seem a little less bleak. To help you eat away those November blues, here are 5 Montreal restaurants to try this month!


1. Cinko

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.26.08 PM

image © Cinko

Cinko is a new restaurant on lower St Denis, right in the Latin Quarter. In a sea of restaurants, Cinko stands out because of its unbelievable price deal — 5 dollars for every dish. With a deal like this you’d think that you’d get basic bar food stand-bys, but instead they offer a wide variety of special dishes: fried cauliflower salad, Portuguese grilled chicken with zucchini gremolata, macaroni and cheese with honey-hot pepper chicken, and a maple-jelly apple crisp. Each small dish is $5, but has the option to size-up with extras and add-ons. We recommend going in a group and trying a little bit of everything! 1641 rue St-Denis | (514) 903-1641

2. Bacon and Mason

image © Bacon & Mason

This Mile-End mini-delicatessen/sandwich shop just opened on October 27th and is already showing lots of promise. They cure and process their own pork products—including house-made organic gourmet bacon—and use them in creations like Le Tour du Diable (a sandwich with cracklings, black beans, bacon, fried avocado, watermelon salsa and sour cream) as well as specials like waffles & ribs. Come hungry! 102 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest | N/A 

3. La Petite Mangue

image © La Petite Mangue

This Mont-Royal restaurant is cozy but elegant and serves up authentic Cambodian food. La Petite Mangue‘s menu is extensive and reasonably-priced, and their lunch special can’t be beat: for $9.95, you choose one of 10 entrees of beef, chicken, tofu or shrimp served with rice or vermicelli noodles. For $2 more, you can add an imperial roll or a mango salad. The red curry and Dad’s Caramelized Pork come highly recommended. 300 Avenue du Mont Royal Est | (514) 288-8390

4. Bolo Bolo

Image © Bolo Bolo

Meatball pizza is the drunk food you didn’t know you needed. This new restaurant hand-makes gourmet meatballs and other comfort food classics. Open until 4am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than a hefty handmade meatball sub after a night of dancing. There are two locations: one on St Laurent and one at Berri-UQAM. 3540 boulevard Saint-Laurent | (514) 303-3013

5. Romeo

Image © Pizzeria Romeo

Pizza with tomato sauce, rapini, grilled Italian sausage, mozzarella and parmesan cheese: this alone is reason to head to Pizzeria Romeo. They have high-quality pizza and an extensive wine list– it’s a perfect date restaurant with its wrap-around windows and chill atmosphere. You can watch people struggle with their umbrellas outside while you and your date eat spectacular pizza. What could be better? 285 Avenue du Mont Royal Est | (514) 987-6636


There you have it! 5 restaurants to treat yourself to this month — and treat yourself, you should. Which new restaurants will you try in November?

Featured image courtesy of Bolo Bolo.