Before opening gifts with your family on Christmas morning in the coziness of your living room, go spend Christmas with POP Montreal in a porn theatre.

Well actually, on second-thought, spend Christmas with your family, but on December 18th, come party with POP Montreal. This will give you a few days to clean and sober up before you go carolling with the neighbours.

POP Montreal is hosting a Christmas party that you won’t want to miss! URock L’Amour will be celebrated at Cinema L’Amour, a historically Yiddish theatre house, which now screens old school porn. Don’t worry though, POP Montreal promises to try not to get URock L’Amour tickets mixed up with the tickets for the late night screening…

But seriously, this is not a night for screening 70’s porn. Instead, come drink and dance while singing karaoke with URockaoke (live band Karaoke) on their 10th anniversary!

This is no traditional Christmas party. Light the Christmas candles with POP Montreal while singing I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Intrigued? Then come sing and dance at URock L’Amour with POP Montreal and experience a next level Christmas party!

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