Every so often, a video comes along that reminds us of how lucky we are to live in Montreal. The recently-released Montreal edition of What I Learned is one of those videos. Steering clear of the usual swanky tourist traps, host Jason Tongen gives a well-balanced look into what makes our city great. Along with covering all the conventional reasons for visiting Montreal (bagels, poutine, and smoked meat all made the cut), the video also highlights some lesser known features, such as Habitat 67 and the half pipe behind The Big O.

Led by former Canadian Jacob Gavin, who lived in Montreal for a cumulative 15 years, JT visits everything from the classic chalet BBQ to Mount Royal’s Sunday afternoon live action role play (better known as LARPing). The beauty of his showcase is that it includes some gems that even most locals wouldn’t know about — for instance, were you aware that there’s actually spots around the island where people go surfing?

What I Learned

The more you know!

A rabidly growing youtube channel, What I Learned is a series of travel guide videos. Explaining what he learns throughout his trips, JT’s videos “consist of unique observations, unconventional perspective, and often explores a destination’s counter-culture.” If the other What I Learned videos are as good as this one, we’ll definitely be following along!

Visit the What I Learned youtube channel here.