Montrealers have been complaining for years that beers at the Bell Centre are outrageously pricy. It turns out that not only is Bell Centre beer expensive — it’s the most extravagantly priced beer of all 30 NHL arenas. From the information compiled by one redditor (who compared the prices of one beer brand that every arena carries), it appears that they charge more for beer than at any other NHL stadium. Check out the data below:

Bell Centre Beer

It’s important to note that this data pertains solely to the price of packaged generic beer served at NHL arenas. The greater amount of beer purchased would most likely increase your beer value. Furthermore, service fees and tips were not included in this particular calculation. According to the creator of the graphic: “This is specified to one packaged beer so the data could be controlled. That said, prices are likely to be relative. A large draft of a craft or import beer is likely to have a similar relative cost curve.”

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Have a theory for why the Bell Centre’s beer is so much pricier than any other NHL arena? Let us know in the comments below!