dose juiceIf you’ve ever struggled to integrate proper nutrition into your busy lifestyle, Montreal’s up-and-coming raw and organic cold pressed juice company Dose may be just what you need. Founded by Raphael Hubert and Genevieve Brousseau Provencher last October, Dose’s goal is to provide people with quick portions of fruit and vegetables. Interested in finding a way to promote health among young, modern professionals, they realized that with a heavy dose of discipline, the world of juice could be developing the ideal convenient and nutritional product. Instead, they were faced with a juice market saturated with sugary, sweet, syrupy garbage…

dose juice

Their Story

Enter Dose: an alternative health product created in a self-described moment of madness. Genevieve and Raphael had a test period wherein they asked 60 of their friends to make four of their favourite, homemade juice recipes, to be bottled and delivered to consumers. They did this for two months, and from these humble beginnings Dose took off, partnering with Akufen—a Montreal-based web branding and design company—who designed Dose’s bottles. In October, Humble Lion Cafe became the first retailer to sell Dose and now, Dose products are sold in 17 different stores.

dose juice

Genevieve and Raphael point out that many of us try to follow healthy eating regimes, without much success. Neither of them have adopted any conventional healthy-eating practices such as veganism, eating only raw food or vegetarianism; for Raphael and Genevieve, the solution is in the juice. Now, their hope is that others will find the nourishment they need by integrating Dose juice into their own everyday lives.

dose juice

Their Inspiration

The creation of Dose was fueled by Raphael and Genevieve’s strong interests in both health and entrepreneurship — both studied finance at McGill University and this is the second business they’ve had together. For Geneviève, her entrepreneurial ambition was first ignited while working for Frank and Oak. Without having worked there, she says, Dose wouldn’t exist: “you not only need the passion, but also the envy to start your own project.”

dose juice

Their Products

While they only had four just over a year ago, Dose now produces 12 different flavours. They focus on raw and organic cold pressed juices, and all of their products are fresh and last approximately 3-4 days.

When they started, the most popular Dose products were the fruit juices. They now have three green juices ranked based on their vegetable content. Level 1 contains 60% vegetables and 40% fruit — the least bitter option in Dose’s juice line. Level 2—for the adventurous juice imbiber—is 70% vegetable and 30% fruit. For the expert juice connoisseur, try their level 3, 100% vegetable juice. They developed these three juices gradually to gauge customer reaction. Recently, people have been buying less level 1 and are upping their intake of the level 3, ultra-healthy juice. Raphael and Genevieve see this as a good sign — they’ve found an effective way to make consuming raw fruits and vegetables both trendy and convenient.

dose juice

Their Stores

Since Dose juices are organic and therefore rather expensive to produce, Raphael and Genevieve sell Dose in smaller, trendier stores such as Le Couteau and Humble Lion. They now also sell their products in some gourmet grocery stores and gym clubs.

Technology has played a vital role in Dose’s business model. The market Dose taps into is digitally savvy and loves things that are really visual, impactful and affective, such as Dose’s website. Though they’ve opened a pop up shop on St-Denis, Genevieve and Raphael say this is temporary as they figure out the logistics of having a store; the concept grew online, and their online reach has remained their primary focus. Above all, Dose uses social media to spread their message to young professionals: that healthy living is not just for hippies. It can be modern and cool and easy, too.


For more information on Dose and to view their full line of juices, visit their website.