In a city as diverse as Montreal, it’s uncommon to find one topic that everyone can agree on. The Montreal Canadiens, however, are universal. More than just a hockey team, the Habs are a pillar of Montreal culture. Top Montreal streetwear boutique Off The Hook, along with the Montreal Canadiens, have captured this legacy with their just-released collaboration: a street wear line that embraces the Habs’ impact on the city they represent.


This line has nothing to do with the NHL. You won’t see the ubiquitous CH on any of Off The Hook’s Habs wear. Rather, you’ll notice hints of Habs flavour. This isn’t only about hockey — this is about style and a passion for Montreal. “The collaboration allows young and fashion-forward designers to interpret the CH brand with contemporary flair,” said the Canadiens in a press release announcing the collaboration.

When we spoke to Harry Drakopoulos, one of the owners of Off The Hook, he noted that if the Canadiens have 10 million fans, only about half would actually wear a jersey on the street or to the Bell Centre to catch a game. Off The Hook’s fashion-forward street wear culture captures a fresh market of Habs lovers who want to represent their team while looking good at the same time.

The Montreal Canadiens line was on full display Thursday evening at Off The Hook’s launch party. In attendance were some of Montreal’s young culture elites, entertainers and icons all mingling with Montreal Canadiens players, executives and guests. This patchwork of people truly captured the essence of Off The Hook and the Canadiens’ new clothing line — it isn’t about sport, it’s about culture.

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All photos by Sylvain Granier