Oro Rojo has been a part of David and Daniel Fuenz’s lives for a long time, they just didn’t always know it. Now, they want to make it part of your life too. The two Montreal brothers with Chilean roots have invented a new hot sauce that they aptly christened Oro Rojo — “Red Gold” in English. Like gold, it’s rare and goes well on anything (well, almost anything).


Born with “the entrepreneurial gene” passed onto them by their Chilean-born mother, the two brothers have always had business ideas, but Oro Rojo is their best one yet. Both are autodidactic cooks and Daniel and his girlfriend even publish Manger Paleo, a food blog about healthy eating.

It wasn’t until a pilgrimage to Chile in October 2012 that David found his calling in the form of hot peppers, cilantro, tomatoes and onions — a combination of ingredients familiar to him since his childhood. After tasting a Chilean hot sauce served to him at a barbecue on his last day in country, David’s entrepreneurial gene sent a message to his brain. He recalls thinking, “this dinner is already so freaking good and this sauce makes it even better! If there’s one thing I want to bring back to Montreal for my brother, it’s the knowledge of how to make such a delicious sauce.” With that, red gold had been struck and the process of creating Oro Rojo began.

After cramming his bag with Chilean hot pepper paste, David raced to Montreal where he and Daniel began attempting to create an original version of the flavours of their childhood. Their final creation—the best hot sauce they’ve ever tasted—is all natural, with zero preservatives to boot! And the two brothers even have the numbers to prove it: after testing the Oro Rojo prototype with their friends, they ultimately sold 500 bottles through word of mouth alone.

A Kickstarter campaign was hatched in order to bring Oro Rojo to the masses. Many top Montreal restaurants have given Oro Rojo their blessings, including Huis Clos. They even informed the brothers that they’d replace their oyster sauce with Oro Rojo once it is mass produced, which is expected to be at the end of February 2015.

The Fuenz brothers have even bigger plans for Oro Rojo. “More than the next Sriracha, we want to be the next Red Bull,” says brother David. Oro Rojo is as dedicated to top notch branding as it is to high quality. The brothers see Oro Rojo as a brand that promotes pleasure and good times. They already sponsor a flag football and a soccer team, and are quick to inform that an F1 team is around the corner!

David and Daniel are prepared to take over the Montreal culinary scene, along with your kitchen table. This is not a modest project. Oro Rojo is set to evolve from its artisanal origins and has global visions. You can be one of the first people to support Oro Rojo by donating to their ongoing kickstarter campaign, if only to get your hands on some amazing hot sauce! And in case you’re wondering what Oro Rojo is best used for…

The Fuenz Brothers’ Top 5 Foods to Eat with Oro Rojo:

1) Eggs (a shoo-in for huevos rancheros)

2) Chicken

3) Pizza

4) Rice

5) Nachos

So join the high sauciety, as they say, and check out Oro Rojo’s kickstarter campaign here!