Have you ever scarffed down a hot and cheesy grilled cheese and thought: “I should enter a grilled cheese eating competition”? If so, then you’re in luck! Le Cheese Food Truck is hosting a grilled cheese eating competition at McLean’s Pub (1210 Peel) on January 30 at 11 pm until 2 am.

Here’s how the event will run:

  • Round 1: How fast can you eat 20 grilled cheese sandwiches? *You can tap out at any time
  • 30 minute break – we recommend you wash down your grilled cheeses with some tasty beverages
  • Top 3 contestants compete in a one minute lighting round

The Coney Island hot dog eating contest has nothing on Le Cheese’s grilled cheese eating competition! For just $20 you have the opportunity to pioneer what will undoubtedly become a historic event! Don’t forget your free pint of beer with your ticket, which you can buy here!