As two brands who share a passion for electronic music and the energy of festivals, we partnered up with GURU Energy Drink to present our Q&A With an Igloofest DJ series. To help you get to know the men and women behind the hardware, we spoke with some of the top DJs performing at Igloofest this year!

Igloofest warriors: the Netherlands’ DJ prodigy Oliver Heldens will be performing at Igloofest this Sunday, January 25th! After spending his formative years making music in his bedroom studio, Heldens was discovered and signed to Spinnin’ Records—the biggest record label in the dance industry—when he was just 17 years old. Heldens impressed renown DJ and record producer Tiesto with his track “Gecko” soon after, who released it under his own Musical Freedom label. Nowadays, this once-aspiring Dutch artist is one of the most sought-after young DJs in the game.

As you gear up for another weekend of partying in the cold, check out our Q&A with Oliver Heldens below.


Name: Oliver Heldens

Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Who’s been your biggest influence?

I must say Tiesto has always been one of my biggest influences.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people use weird abbreviations like CU2night instead of just typing see you tonight.

What’s your favourite album art?

I’m gonna go for the classic Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.


What’s your favourite spot in Montreal?

I really like to walk along St. Paul street! It’s a lot of fun and there are some cool restaurants and cafes there.

Who’s an up-and-comer that you think people should know about?

Mr Belt & Wezol are two guys who are going to become big I think. I worked with them on ‘Pikachu’ and they are really talented and fun guys to work with, so go and check them out people!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

I would be Pikachu, he’s just so awesome I named a track after him.


If you could have an unlimited supply of two things from the depanneur, what would they be?

Pizza and the sushi they sell in the supermarkets in the Netherlands!

Who’s your favourite pop star right now?

Don’t really have one in particular.  I do respect any pop star that writes their own music. I think it’s just a lot more genuine that way.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ/producer?

I don’t really see myself doing anything else. But if I have to say something it would probably be studying. I just finished high school so if I wasn’t doing this the most logical step was to go to college.

Catch Oliver Heldens at Igloofest on Sunday, January 25th at 10 pm! Grab your ticket here.