Instagrammers, whether you like it or not, are some of the most impactful photographers of our age. We wanted to get to know the personalities behind the cameras, so we reached out to a few phone photographers who were capturing some unique beauty. These individuals have been hard at work capturing some of Montreal’s best sights, from dawn until dusk, across our city’s diverse landscapes.

Ali Inay, @inayali, is a Montreal-based photographer who focuses on urban landscapes, interiors and travel. He believes that cities should be discovered without using a map.


Q: What are your favourite Montreal spots and why?

A: It really depends on the weather. If there’s a snow storm, Old Montreal becomes this unique place, for instance. However, streets of Outremont and Mile-End never get old. I also love cozy interiors like Café Falco and Cafe Olimpico.

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Q: What’s your favourite time of day?

A: 10am when the sun is shining outside.


Q: What’s your favourite season?

A: Montreal is beautiful all year round! But if I had to pick one season it’d definitely be fall. Colours of the leaves just blend in with the architecture so well.

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What’s your favourite instagram filter?

A: To be honest, I haven’t used Instagram filters until the latest update. That pack has quite useful ones. Ludwig may be the only filter I use from time to time.


Q: When did you first start taking photos and how has it affected your life?

A: I started to take photos back in 2006. However, only after I got an Instagram account I started to take photos almost everyday. Best part of it is that I got to meet a lot of people through this medium and made really good friends. It’s a cliche but taking photos everyday forces you to see things that you’ve never seen before or makes you discover different parts of the city. Not just in terms of neighbourhoods, but also stores, streets and even people.

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Q: Who is your favourite instagrammer?

A: There are so many inspirational names! @chrisozer, @wrightkitchen, @kevinruss, @joythebaker, @forrestmankins, @camillebecerra, @jonpauldouglass, and @heathersper are some of the many.

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Q: How did you get the inspiration to start #mtlcafecrawl?

A: I used to go to coffee shops to get my work done. After a while I had this collection of photos and decided to start an hashtag. It later evolved into something of an unofficial coffee shop guide where anybody can track the hottest spots and new openings!

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