If you didn’t know by now, one of the most important dates on the Quebec calendar is coming up. I’m not talking about the Habs’ first playoff game, I’m not talking St Jean Baptiste day, I’m talking La Poutine Week 2015! I’m talking about the day, nay, the week, that Quebeckers get to celebrate their national dish. So remember to mark your calendar from February 1st to February 7th for La Poutine Week 2015.

The event has been running for two years now with major success and there’s no doubt that it’s third instalment will prove to be the charm. La Poutine Week 2015 shouldn’t only swell your pride about hailing from one of the most unique cities and provinces in Canada—La Poutine Week 2015 gives you something even better. It gives you a carte blanche to eat the greasiest, messiest, tastiest, artery-clogging creative poutines that have ever been imagined.

Here is a list of some of the restaurants participating in LA Poutine Week 2015:

Bar Brutu’s Jagerfire Poutine

Burger Royal

Banquise Resto’s “La Follie”

Poutineville’s “Cabane à Sucre”


Les Enfants Terribles

Poutine Centrale’s “La Wannabe Pierogies”

Uniburger’s “UNI-Fries”




Ryu’s “Seafood Poutine”

Burger Bar’s “L’affaire”

La Taverne F Par Ferreira’s “The Salted Cod Ferreira Poutine”


Le Gourmet Burger


Pâtes Bol’s “Horace”

Restaurant Kyomi’s “La Poutine Sizzling!!!”


Restaurant Copoli

Lola Rosa Parc’s “La Raspoutine”


Chez Chose’s “PoutiChose”


Melrose Restaurant’s “Melrose Poutine”

Pub Burgundy Lion’s “La Poutine Colonial”

Lucky’s Truck et Gueule de Bois’ “Kraft n Beef”

ParkWay Resto Pub’s “Heartbreaker”


La Bêtise’s “Animal Style Poutine”

Pub Quartier Latin’s “Poutine Pulled Pork PQL”

Fabergé’s “The People’s Waffle”




Lallouz Kebaberie


Le Nouveau Mont-Royal Hd

Chez Boris’ “Vladimir Végétarienovich Poutine”

Boris poutine


Mckibbin’s Irish Pub


Copper Branch’s “Healthy Vegan Poutine”



La Cabane du Portugal “Pork and Clams Alentejana”

Broue Pub Brouhaha’s “La Faim de Loup”


Dirty Dogs’ “The Boss Poutine”

Frite Alors!’s “Poutine Tacos”

Bofinger BBQ’s “The Hat Trick”

Remember to go online to cast your vote for the best poutine of the festival! There is a judge’s choice award, a most popular poutine award, and others! Top poutine eaters get free gym passes and other health related prizes to get your waistline back in shape after this gluttonous week. Check out their website and Facebook page for more info!