Don’t start chanting “olé olé olé olé” just yet. Yesterday Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred hinted to the New York Times that “it’s possible” that the beloved Expos will return to Montreal. There are many hurdles to overcome before this can become a reality—one of them being the crucial need to find a suitable venue to host games. I don’t know about you but early April games at Jarry Park don’t strike me as a wonderful way to pass the afternoon.

Montreal baseball fans made a case for a team last April when the Blue Jays hosted two exhibition games in Montreal, which saw 95 000 fans fill the Olympic Stadium. Montreal will see two more games played at the Big O this season when the Blue Jays play the Cincinnati Reds at the Olympic Stadium on April 2nd and 3rd. Not only that, Blue Jays superstar and Montreal native Russell Martin will be able to play at home as a major leaguer. That’s got to be exciting!

If you’re a Montrealer and a baseball fan that wants to see the Expos come back, it’s your responsibility to prove to the MLB that a team in Montreal is sustainable. Two packed games is a start, but can that persist in a league that sees teams play 81 games at home? Let’s hope!

Recommended reading: For a more in-depth look at Montreal’s relationship with the Expos and the viability of having a club return to Montreal, read Adam Gopnik’s essay in the October 2014 edition of The Walrus. This comes highly recommended!

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