Montreal’s got some extra cash to spare these days and 23 million dollars of that cash is earmarked to make the city smarter! The plan even has a name—Smart City or Stratégie de ville intelligente et numérique en Français.

The City of Montreal wants to increase citizen engagement through their Smart City plan. Even though phoning the city is the most popular outlet that people use to alert the city of issues, some city officials believe that creating an easier, more technologically advanced outlet would engage younger citizens a.k.a. Montreal millennials. The best part about the Smart City plan is that you can expect free Wi-Fi service in downtown Montreal this year!

Although the announcement of Smart City’s details will come in a few weeks, the city released some tidbits of what you could expect. For example, if you notice an especially deep pothole on St. Catherine Street, you would be able to warn the city via the Internet, send geotagged photos, and follow the progress of the file on your smartphone.

Montreal is following in the footsteps of New York City, which launched a similar program as Smart City that saw increased citizen engagement. This 3 year plan will see Montreal improve in terms of efficiency, transparency, and mobility. Let’s see if the city can execute this ambitious plan. Stay tuned to this project for further developments.

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