The biggest story coming out of the STM recently is the tariff increase that greeted Montreal commuters on the first day of 2015. Now, the STM wants their employees to interact more with Montreal’s Metro commuters rather than relying solely on automated ticket machines. In an interview with the CBC, Marvin Rotrand,the Vice-Chair of the STM’s board of directors, said, “[STM employees will] be helping customers who don’t understand or who can’t work the machines.”

Although this policy was implemented in order to benefit tourists and travellers who may need extra help navigating Montreal’s underground, the union representing STM employees is concerned about Metro slowdowns. As of now the project is in its test phase and will be implemented in select stations including Jean-Talon, Rosemont, Radisson, Pie-IX, Square-Victoria and Lionel-Groulx.

It’s important to be reminded that STM employees are not required to speak English, but have no fear—they will be supplied with English pamphlets should they be unable to effectively serve unilingual customers.

If you’re still bummed about the 25 cent tariff increase, take solace in the fact that you can now expect to be treated like a human by the STM. Safe travels!

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