“One bill or are you splitting it?” How one question can put a damper on a convivial evening with friends is truly astounding—yet it always does. Now you’re faced with the decision of tapping into your limited knowledge of linear algebra to try to figure out how to split the nachos 5 ways or throw it all to the wind with a game of credit card roulette—it’s almost always a lose-lose situation. Toronto-based entrepreneurs Adam Epstein and Mike Kimel have eliminated this unwelcome process with their new app, Tab, which they bill as “the Uber payment experience in restaurants” and which is launching in Montreal today!

How it works:

  • Download Tab to your Android or Iphone
  • Enter your credit card information, which will of course be secured and protected
  • Go to a participating restaurant
  • “Create a tab” or “join a tab” (if you’re splitting the bill)
  • Tell your server the magic words: “I’m paying with Tab”
  • Adjust your tip
  • Leave at your leisure—there is no need to wait for the bill. Amen!
  • Tab sends you a receipt via email

Tab is all about “creating a more personal dining experience.” In Epstein’s words, “we generally partner with restaurants that care deeply about hospitality and improving the guest experience.” Epstein points out that Tab doesn’t only benefit the customer, but also the restaurants. Higher sales, higher tips, faster turnover rates, server reviews, an added marketing channel, and a more efficient and transparent way of handling payments is what Tab can bring to the table.

Tab began in Toronto in Spring 2014 and is now operating in over 60 of Toronto’s best restaurants. For the Montreal opening, Epstein and Kimel employed the experience of Brandon Marek, the managing partner of Produkt and New City Gas, and who is an Angel investor and advisor to Tab.   When it opens today in Montreal, Tab will operate in 11 dining hotspots including:

  • Joe Beef
  • Liverpool House
  • Park
  • Lavanderia
  • Ryu
  • Tapeo
  • Meson
  • L’Original
  • Suwu
  • Mercuri
  • Buonanotte

As of now Tab is concentrating on expanding its roster of participating restaurants in Montreal and Toronto, however, expect to see the app in another 2 or 3 cities this year. In the meantime, be the first to try Tab and see for yourself why this app just might be the future of dining out.