This Friday at La Passe (1214 de la Montagne), you can relive a classic childhood pastime: chilling in a blanket fort in your pajamas with your friends. The difference? This nostalgic evening includes an immersive and memorable concert experience, performed by duo DF.

DF brings together live music and reactive lighting. It consists of Dustin Finer, contemporary composer, saxophone player and looper, and Daniel Freder, who designs original lighting installations with found materials and programs their responses in real-time. The two have been friends for about five years, and first performed with Art Matters last year for Nuit Blanche.

df4“Since then we have been a part of the One Man Band Festival, Pop Montreal, the Ottawa New Music Creators series, as well as other shows,” Dustin told us. “We’ve done shows where the set-list was based on audience participation in a choose-your-own-adventure story. Those shows were a blast and now we’re hoping to immerse our audience even further by ‘blanketing’ them in nostalgic, slumber-party vibes.”

df5They’ve been crowd-funding resources to create their fort with an Indiegogo page, which can still be donated to in advance of the concert. The charitable element of this unique show makes it even more awesome — all the blankets they purchase and build the fort with will be donated to Renaissance Quebec afterwards. The event itself begins at 10pm with a performance by local singer Brigitte, with DF on at 11. It’s BYOP—bring your own pillow—and comfy sleepwear is encouraged.

Cover is 5$ (or pay-what-you-can)! RSVP to the event here and don’t miss out on this blanket fort concert.