Instagrammers, whether you like it or not, are some of the most influential photographers of our age. We wanted to get to know the personalities behind the cameras, so we reached out to a few phone photographers who have been capturing their own unique beauty. These individuals have been hard at work shooting some of Montreal’s best sights, from dawn until dusk, across our city’s diverse landscapes.

Elif Filyos @thefashionmedley is a Turkish fashion blogger living in Montreal with her husband, who is doing a PHD in Marketing at Concordia University. She has a BA in Law and an MA in Fashion Management. Aside from fashion, Elif is crazy about interior design, photography and eating good food every moment she’s awake.


Q: What are your favourite Montreal spots and why?

A: The Plateau, which is also where I live, is still my favorite area in Montreal. Breakfast is the meal I’m most crazy about so I crawl a lot for brunch spots. Lawrence, Restaurant Manitoba, Voro, Le Cartet and Byblos are among my favorites. Cafe Parvis, Arts Cafe, Trilogie, Nouveau Palais, SoupeSoup and Olive et Gourmando are my go to spots for lunch. For a good cup of coffee and some snacks I love Replika, Cafe Falco, Chez Boris, all Myriades, Kitsune and Cafe Bloom. There are so many amazing restaurants but Maison Publique, Le Comptoir, Omma, Tri Express and Joe Beef are what I can call the best ones for me. I’m not a big bar person but I love Sparrow, Saint Sacrement and Big in Japan.

Q: What is your favourite subject to photograph?

A: Lately everything I photograph is for Instagram and my blog, so I have to say interiors and food as well as clothing flat lays. Montreal streets are also a good subject.

Q: What’s the most important detail for taking a good Instagram photo?

A: Sunlight is the most important thing for me; I almost never take photos under lamplight. I try to avoid reflections and hand shadows. Background is important and, since iphones don’t have focus depth, I prefer shooting from above if I’m shooting small objects. I always take the photos in the “square” mood just to be sure I know what will fit in the frame when I post on Instagram. After I get the right shot, I edit it on SnapSeed, VSCOCAM, SKRWT (if necessary), frame it with Afterlight and it’s done!

Q: When did you first start taking photos and how has it affected your life?

A: My father’s biggest hobby was photography, almost to a level of professionalism, so I grew up learning the tricks and trade of photography with his analog cameras. For a long time I didn’t have any interest in it after that, but in high school I attended a photography course, bought myself my first DSLR when I was 21, and have been taking photos like crazy and annoying people ever since. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the moment trying to capture the perfect shot, but the feeling gives way to happiness when I see the outcome. It’s amazing to have beautiful memories of beautiful moments and spaces.

Q: What is one dream destination that you would love to photograph?

A: I would love to travel around Canada, especially to Vancouver and photograph the breathtaking nature. I’d love to go to Tulum or Australia and take photos of my vacation there. San Francisco is at the top of my travel list, so it would be great to take photos of SF streets and cafes. I also would like to go to Paris, where I’ve been twice but never got the chance to take photos for Instagram.

Q: Who is your favourite instagrammer?

A: I follow almost a thousand people on Instagram and 90% of them have photos I’m crazy about. I’ll try to list a few but I’m sure I’m going to forget a lot of my favorites: inayali, lapetitecasserole, eggcanvas, ezgipolat, blackpigment, tinyatlasquarterly, dailysomething, amee.jpg, local_milk, tifforelie, irenekly, alwaysjudging, oraclefoxblog, nonihana_, whatforbreakfast, ondejeune, griffinlamb, _foodstories_, sfgirlbybay, amy_frances, janinetollady and so on…

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