Instagrammers, whether you like it or not, are some of the most influential photographers of our age. We wanted to get to know the personalities behind the cameras, so we reached out to a few phone photographers who have been capturing their own unique beauty. These individuals have been hard at work shooting some of Montreal’s best sights, from dawn until dusk, across our city’s diverse landscapes.

Alexandra Pelletier @_alexandrapelletier is a design student passionate about food and travel. She binge drinks filtered coffee and owns way too many notebooks. Her guilty pleasures include buying too many pens and baking too many cookies. She loves architecture and open landscapes.


Q: What are your favourite Montreal spots and why?

A: Anywhere near water. I love how Montreal has different styles along its waterfront like the Old Port, St-Henri and Lachine. There’s always something new to capture.

IMG_20150119_184715Q: What’s your favourite time of day?

A: Dawn or dusk. Both times of the day offer great warm lighting and I find myself being able to capture more definition during those times of the day. Who doesn’t like a beautiful sunset anyway?

IMG_20141206_142341Q: What’s your favourite season?

A: I’m in love with autumn. I love everything from the trees changing colours, the cool air and the golden light. Everything just seems a bit more magical during the fall season. Not to mention pumpkin pie, but I don’t think that has anything to do with photography, haha.

IMG_20150118_113413Q: What’s the most important detail for taking a good Instagram photo?

A: Above all; lighting. If my subject doesn’t have enough lighting or any play of light, I’ll just skip out. I find it very important because it can set different moods to the photo. Then, I’ll take a dozen shots from different angles and choose which one accentuates my subject the most. 

IMG_20141107_135252Q: When did you first start taking photos and how has it affected your life?

A: My first encounter with a camera was my sister’s Polaroid back in the early 90’s. It was heavy and I had a hard time handling it, but I found it so cool to watch the photographs develop! Around that same time I started asking my parents for disposable cameras. I would photograph anything; my bed, the trees, random things around the house. I remember playing dress-up with my best friend at the time and we’d have fashion photoshoots. Then, I moved on to compact digital cameras. It has only been about 3-4 years that I made the switch to an entry-level DSLR and I’ve been going on a (photo)shooting rampage ever since.

I think photography changed my perception on what goes on around me. I’ll find myself constantly on the lookout for interesting subjects and appreciating my surroundings a lot more. I’ll take my time studying the subject and discover more than if I would just point and shoot. I’ve become a little bit obsessed, actually.

IMG_20141210_141934Q: Who is your favourite instagrammer?

A: It’s so hard to choose from all the talented people on Instagram. If I had to choose one, it would have to be @local_milk. Everything is absolutely stunning. I love how she captures the light and how she can play on shadows. Her tones are beautiful.

To see more from Alexandra Pelletier, check out her exhibition tonight (Tuesday, February 10th) and follow @_alexandrapelletier on Instagram!