Well done, Montreal! You’ve shown the world how much our city has to offer and it’s paying off! According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Index 2015, Montreal is the second best city to live in the world. Here’s the downside. The winner of the number one spot—Toronto.

As per the Safe Cities Index, each city is measured based on specific criteria:

  • Digital
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Personal security

In fact, when these criteria are considered, Tokyo comes up as the winner. However, when the bigger picture is considered based on 6 other indexes on the city and country level, Montreal shot up the charts to grab the 2nd spot.

The bad news:

Montreal is considered a poor place to make a living. Based on the Brookings Institution’s Metro Monitor, which measures economic growth by analyzing 300 cities’ GDP per capita and employment rates, Montreal takes the 285th spot. Out of all the Canadian cities listed, Montreal ranks the lowest in this survey.

As Montreal continues to take strides in the digital sector with its Smart City initiative, let’s see if Montreal can improve its economic rankings. For now, bask in the fact you live in a wonderful city.

[credits link=”http://montrealgazette.com” type=”via”]Montreal Gazette[/credits]