As all Montrealers know, our city is a vibrant hotbed for ideas and innovation. Yet, as was reported earlier in the week, although Montreal was ranked the 2nd best city in the world to live in, it does not perform well economically in comparison to its peers. This glum assessment was duly followed up yesterday by Premier Philippe Couillard who announced a plan to earmark $85 million to help Quebec start-ups get off the ground. This crucial story got slightly derailed because a group of protesters decided to interrupt the Premier’s announcement of the plan at Montreal’s Palais des Congres on Tuesday in order to make the story about the government’s purported favouritism of business initiatives over social programs.

What cannot be denied is the potential impact this plan can have on young startups, especially in Montreal. Francois, Gilbert, the director of Anges Québec, says that this initiative could fund up to 60 ventures over the next 3 years.

Let’s see if  this plan is enough to help boost Montreal’s latent entrepreneurial success and improve the city’s business record.

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