By the end of 2015, you’ll begin to see alcohol being served at your local-global Starbucks. As coffee taste continues to expand as people begin to brew their own coffee at home, Starbucks is adding another incentive to get people to trek the one block it usually takes to spot a Starbucks. The question is: will alcohol be an effective incentive?

Starbucks is competing against franchises such as Tim Hortons and McDonald’s and this move is seen as a way to grow Starbucks’s appeal and potentially open itself to a larger customer-base, especially its female customers, who may favour Starbucks over their local bar as a late night place to patronize. The “Evening Menu,” as it’s called, would be served starting at 4 p.m. where you could expect to see tapas-style foods, wine, and beer. You would still be able to order your favourite Starbucks hot drinks and pastries even when the Evening Menu is served.

The Evening Menu has been tried and tested in a handful of American locations. The good news is that the wine and beer served at these various cities in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Orlando serve alcohols local to each state.

Starbucks has not said which Canadian cities will have a location that serves the Evening Menu, so it’s up to you to let Starbucks know that Montreal would be a prime testing ground in Canada. It’s cold here, and we love to drink—simple.

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