This Friday happens to be Friday the 13th, occurring coincidentally right before Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, Station 16 Gallery is hosting a seance that night for the launch of artist XRAY‘s Spirit Board, a ouija-inspired product which will be available to purchase at the event! Lit only by candles and served “alchemical punch,” you will be able to actually play the game with XRAY’s art piece this Friday evening. This eerie, anti-Valentine’s party is not to be missed.

Montreal-based artist XRAY, whom you may recognize from his paintings at Station 16 Gallery which feature Kool-Aid, Fanta, and Orange Crush logos, will be releasing 50 limited-edition boards for purchase: each hand-cut, silkscreened and signed by the artist. You can reserve your own spirit board, or simply RSVP to the event by contacting the gallery at 514-849-8016 or

For more information, check out the Facebook event here!