The following article is a part of our Street Profile series: a collection of articles that gives you insight into the histories and hotspots of key streets in Montreal. Every stretch tells a unique story and provides a fresh perspective on the history of our city as a whole. Learn something new and go see what these avenues have to offer!

Atwater Avenue’s History:

E Atwater w textYear of Inauguration: 1871
Former Name: Pipe Track Road
Starts at: Doctor Penfield Avenue
Ends at: Henri Duhamel Street
Length: 3.1 km
Metro Station(s): Atwater Station (Green Line), Lionel-Groulx Station (Orange Line/Green Line)


5 of Atwater’s Top Attractions:

Atwater Infographic

1. Hit up the Atwater Market for some fresh produce, meats and cheeses. No need to worry if you’re strapped for cash, as there are more than enough free samples at the market to fill the belly at a five-finger discount. If you’re looking for a sit down meal while your there, don’t forget to say hi to the Satay Brothers.

2. When the weather’s nice, grab your bike and head on down to the Lachine Canal bike path entrance right next to the market. Atwater is a perfect starting point because it’s the midway point between the Eastern part of the path that takes you downtown and to the old port and the Western part of the path which takes you towards Angrignon (and, more importantly, the St. Ambroise Brewery).

3. Check out the Montreal Forum, former home of the Montreal Canadiens. The building now houses a movie theater, a comedy club, a bowling alley and a couple of decent restaurants so there’s no shortage of things to do.

4. If you’re feeling brunchy, head to Quoi De N’Oeuf, which is 5 seconds way from the corner of Atwater and Notre Dame. Delicious breakfast food and diner prices with none of the diner skuzz. What more could you ask for?

5. Try Imadake for some of Montreal’s best Izakaya. This place is just as good as Kazu, its neighbor to the east, but has a lot more space and much shorter lines. It’s still pretty popular though so make sure you make a reservation before showing up. Don’t forget to try the Octopus Balls! (much more delicious than they sound).

Know of some other gems on Atwater Avenue? Let us know! 

All illustrations by Marco Paradiso