Australian duo Hermitude, made up of Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and El Gusto (Angus Stuart), have managed to explode onto the Australian electronic dance music scene with their unique blend of hip hop inspired bass music, much like fellow Aussie Flume. Their music is ultamitely more aggressive than that of Flume, perfectly combining elements of jazz, funk, along with hip hop fundamentals.

What really propelled their career and garnered attention worldwide – including numerous spots at Austin’s SXSW and Montreal’s very own Osheaga Music & Arts Festival – was the success of their album HyperParadise, which went on to reach Platinum status and was granted the esteemed Australian Music Prize award, and a massively popular remix of the title track by Flume. Among stops at Osheaga and Governor’s Ball, the Sydney electronic duo will also be releasing a brand new album in early May.

I reached Hermitude while they were in LAX on route to Denver to talk about their latest single “Through the Roof,” their forthcoming release and what fans can look forward to on March 28 when they play Studio Bar in Toronto, their only Canadian show (until Osheaga!). Here is our talk below:


You just finished playing SXSW. How was the experience? Was it your first time there?

It was! A crazy festival, music seeping from every crack and crevice in Austin. It’s so exciting to be in that bubble and be hearing non stop sounds from every angle.

I have to say I’m really liking your latest single, “Through the Roof,” how has it been received?

Thanks! It’s been received quite well actually. Been getting lots of spins on the radio back home and is just starting to get played on radio over here. It always goes down well live. It’s got so much energy it’s hard not to bounce around to it!

Let’s talk new album. The release is scheduled for May 2015. ­What was your experience like creating this record? What can fans expect from it?

The album is titled Dark Night Sweet Light. It’s been a fun record to make, but it was quite a different experience to HyperParadise. With HyperParadise we had a whole year to fully devote to the writing process. We hadn’t been playing any gigs in that period so it gave us time to really focus and engage non stop for the whole process. With DNSW, we were touring a lot while writing the record off the back of HyperParadise. That meant we did a lot of writing on the road and in the studio in between travelling. We’re really pleased with the record, it has a different mood to our last one, and we feel our sound has developed a lot more in this last couple of years.

Did you have a vision in mind going into the album and did you know that it was going to turn out the way it did?

It took us a little while to find the sound of this record. With the hectic touring schedule we had we put down lots of different ideas in the beginning but it wasn’t for a good few months before the style of the record started to present itself. Once we agreed on where we were headed with the direction, it was just a matter of refining that style and working hard on it to get the best possible songs we could. When we started out we didn’t know what to expect, but as time went on it became clearer what kind of record we were writing.

Would you say your sound has changed since your last album HyperParadise? Has it been sparked by anything recently? 

Yeah, for sure. It’s developed. There’s elements of HyperParadise in there but there’s also some new sounds we’ve been experimenting with. I think we always draw on previous records when we write, you always learn so much with each record you make so you take that experience and build upon it. I think listening to new music is also a great way to get inspired. We always like to keep up with what’s happening musically around the globe in different genres. But then, sometimes, you can discover something old that opens your mind in a whole other way. 

You play Toronto on March 28th. What can fans expect for the show? Have you been playing any new material while you’ve been on the road?

Yeah, we have actually. We’ve been road testing some new beats on this tour and it’s going down a treat! So Toronto can expect some new bangers with some old classics. For those who don’t know we play a live set that consists of 2 turntables, an MPC 1000 sampler and 2 synthesisers. It’s a pretty high energy show so expect to keep those feet movin’!

Finally, give the readers a juicy tour story! Anything from a standout show to a crazy experience.

Probably the 2 wildest shows were BUKU fest in New Orleans or our show in Santa Ana Orange County. At BUKU we were on a boat on the Mississippi and people were jumping around so much we were rocking all over the place. In Santa Ana one guy kept throwing his girlfriend up in the air like she was a cheerleader!


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