In January, a Montreal startup introduced to the world a truly Canadian product: wooden sunglasses. GoWood is all about being “trendy, creative and unique.” The wood they use to make their sunglasses is 100% eco friendly, made from bamboo or Canadian maple. The sunglasses themselves are stylish, with a classic design, and of course, made extra-special with their unique wooden frames, making them perfect for winter and summer wear.

GoWood is tapped into skateboard culture. They even used recycled skateboard wood to make some of their sunglasses! Right now GoWood is available in one retail location, Modecho, all the way in Saint-Sauveur. Lucky for you, if you’re not near Saint-Sauveur, you can buy GoWood products online!

The price for a pair of GoWood sunglasses ranges from $49 with their “Los Angeles” model, which boasts bamboo legs, to $119 with its “Montreal”, “Vancouver”, and “Toulouse” models.

[credits link=”” type=”via”]Ton Barbier[/credits]