The Main is back with the second offering of exceptionally unique and standout tracks in this edition of “The Main’s Top 10 Tracks This Week”. This week features, oddly enough, a majority of solo efforts (Jamie xx, Kathryn Calder) and calming ballads (Peter Katz) with a bit of powerhouse jams (Torres) to round out this mix. Enjoy!


  1. Peter Katz – Lay It On Me


This is the perfect song to start any day off. While, Peter Katz’s new album, We Are the Reckoning, is only set to be released March 31, we are offered a nice glimpse at the release with this soft folk ballad that sends shivers down your spine at every airy delivery of the track’s name.


  1. Jamie xx – Loud Places (ft. Romy)


Here is a little preview from Jamie xx’s debut solo album In Colour which will be on shelves June 1. “Loud Places” manages to find light in its darkest shadows and features the xx’s Romy Madley Croft. Be sure to pick up the album which also features the xx’s Oliver Slim, Four Tet, Young Thug, and Popcaan.


  1. Torres – Splinter


“Sprinter” is the title track from Torres’ forthcoming, breakout sophomore release. Mackenzie Scott pours out everything in this latest single, swerving through vibrant rhythms that climb and fall throughout the five-minute track. The self-titled record is out May 5.


  1. Patrick Wilson – Places You Will Go


What a beautiful track from Patrick Wilson and his band. “That is kind of a song that is the most similar to what we’ve done in the past. If something were to ever happen to me and when my kids become twenty years old I would want them to listen to this song as my personal message to them.” Love Songs for Robots is out May 12 via Montreal’s Secret City Records. Patrick Wilson also plays Osheaga this summer!


  1. Florence + the Machine – St Jude


I’m hooked. For a release that seems so far away – How Big How Blue How Beautiful comes out June 2 – at least “St Jude” tides us over. This is the second offering from Florence + The Machine, portraying a dreamy descent into hell with Florence Welch symbolizing the “patron saint of lost causes”, St. Jude. Florence + The Machine play this year’s Osheaga festival.


  1. Earl Sweatshirt – Wool (ft. Vince Staples)

Earl Sweatshirt and L.A. native Vince Staples provide a high-powered performance in this two and a half minute track. You don’t need a hook when you’ve got something this potent. I Don’t Like S***, I Don’t Go Outside was released last week.


  1. Kathryn Calder – Song in Cm



From New Pornographers member, Kathryn Calder comes “Song in Cm” off her self-titled solo debut. It’s nothing too flashy, rather the track is a delicate ballad coated in melancholy and soft acoustic guitar and electronic synth sections. Kathryn Calder drops April 24.


  1. Great Lake Swimmers – The Great Bear



Great Lake Swimmers return with “The Great Bear” off their forthcoming, April 21 release, A Forest of Arms. The track is a slow-burner, consisting of an eclectic mix of vibrant piano, and chiming guitars encased in tender reverb. The upcoming release takes its name from a set of lyrics in this song.


  1. Portico – Atacama (ft. Joe Newman)

Portico release their brand new record, Living Fields, earlier this week after major changes to the previously four member band, now a trio. “Atacama” comes off their recent release and features the unmistakable vocals of Alt-J’s Joe Newman. Drift away with this new track and the group’s newfound electronic inspirations.


  1. Genevieve – Colours

“Colors” is the debut single from Genevieve, formerly of Company of Thieves. The Chicago singer has a star-studded production team for her EP, Show Your Colors, including individuals who have worked on releases from Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, and Paramore to name a few. Genevieve played Austin’s SXSW this year.