Were you planning on attending Osheaga 2015 in Montreal this summer from July 31st until August 2nd? Silly question, of course you were! You waited for months and were finally able to get a taste of the epic lineup when the festival organizers dropped a few of the big names signed on to perform at Osheaga 2015. You then waited even more until this week you had to download the app and play The Road to Osheaga game in order to uncover this year’s lineup.

Thankfully, all of those shenanigans are over. The lineup for Osheaga 2015 is up for all to see! No apps, sneak peaks or secrets—this is the real deal! Remember, if you like what you see you can buy your tickets here!

Take a peak at the lineup below:

Osheaga 2015



Feature photo courtesy of Osheaga 2015