Here’s some cool news. Tesla inaugurated its first Montreal supercharger station! The station is located at the Tesla service centre at 5350 Rue Ferrier. The coolest part about all of this? Filling up your Tesla with electricity at a supercharger station is free! Mind you, the car is not.

There are charging outlets in Montreal. However, they are located at Hotel Le Germain, The Ritz-Carlton, and the Alt Hotel in Griffintown and Brossard. The catch is that these chargers are reserved only for guests of the respective hotels. Furthermore a supercharge station fills up a Tesla much quicker than basic charging stations, which are scattered across highways in Canada and the United States. The difference is that a supercharger can fill a Model S to half its capacity in about 20 minutes whereas, according to autoblog,  less powerful Tesla charging stations can fill a Model S with 60 miles worth of driving in about an hour.

Happy driving!

[credits link=”,-73.47530110000002,45.4146906,-73.9488652?search=store,service,supercharger” type=”via”]Tesla Motors[/credits]

Featured Image: Public Herald