A Montreal restaurant, Toqué, was just ranked by a panel of chefs, critics and diners, the best eatery in all of Canada! This is a major testament to the thriving food scene Montreal has to offer. But guess what? Toqué wasn’t the only restaurant on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list from Montreal.

Rank of other Montreal restaurants on the list

10) Joe Beef

11)Maison Publique

13 Park

15) Hotel Herman

21) Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon

23) Bouillon Bilk

24) Le Club Chasse et Pêche

27) Maison Boulud

28) Milos

34) Au Pied de Cochon

35) Le Filet

51) Le Bremner

61) Lawrence

62) Les 400 Coups

64) Le Vin Papillon

71) L’Express

74) Kazu

91) Bistro B

95) Nora Grey

If you want to try Toqué out then head to 900 Place de la Riopelle. You’ll be sure to have a great meal. Some will tell you that it’s the best.

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