To celebrate its two years in business, Uniburger is creating its own week dedicated to gourmet hamburgers. From March 9th until March 15th, Uniburger Week will celebrate and highlight the best burgers out of Montreal and the chefs that create them.

How it will run

Each day of Uniburger Week will feature a different chef and his or her feature burger. The good people at Uniburger say that they will be importing some ingredients that have never before graced the burgers on their menu. Feel guilty about the carbs and fat? You shouldn’t. Each day’s proceeds will be donated to the chef of the day’s charity of choice! There’s no room for guilt at Uniburger Week, only burgers!

Featured Chefs

  • Derek Dammann—Maison Publique
  • Danny Smiles—Le Bremner
  • Emma Cardarelli—Nora Gray
  • Stephen Leslie—Tavern on the Square, Monkland Tavern, Le Sieur D’Iberville
  • Colin Perry—Dinette Triple Crown
  • Fabrizio Covone—Bottega Pizzeria
  • Lionel Piraux—Lio Chef Prive

As you can see, this is a week that you cannot miss! For the rest of the week, go down to Uniburger located at 302 Ontario Street East and celebrate the first annual Uniburger Week!