There must be something in the water here in Montreal, because powerful female voices are coming in strong and making their mark on new strains of pop. Electro-pop duo Idie and the Mirrors have been making their way onto the local scene, on the heels of acts like Mozart’s Sister and Blue Hawaii, blending danceable beats with hard-hitting vocals.

We caught up with Idie and the Mirrors on their journey to releasing their first EP and developing a live show to reflect their multi-layered sound. Enjoy our excusive look at the moody video for their single “Fall,” and get to know a little about the sister act.

Who are Idie and the Mirrors?

We are twin sisters, Jessica and Sara. We started singing and making music together ten years ago. Our sound is definitely pop, with lots of synth… it’s powerful and in your face. We also use a lot of vocals as percussion, which really shapes our sound and makes it unique.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming EP.

It’s self-titled… we had originally planned to call it 1989, back in May of 2014. But since we’ve taken so long to release it, Taylor Swift stole that from us [laughs]. We worked with Evermoor Audio to produce some great tracks. We’ve focused on doing things really independently so far, but are current looking to get the album properly represented and distributed. We’ll have a launch show set up soon, so look out for that.

Jess ShapesWhat do you think of the current state of pop music and where it’s going?

There’s a lot of good stuff out there right now, a lot of good independent artists doing pop and electronic. We’re really into the work of artists like Banks and Robyn. The biggest issue is that there seems to be a lot of pressure to make lots of money with pop music. We definitely look more to what’s local or up-and-coming than on the radio. Though there has been some great stuff happening this past year, even in the mainstream.

What inspired “Fall”?

We originally wrote “Fall” just for piano and voice. Lyrically it’s about reading too much into things and learning to lower your expectations. The video reflects the process of creating the audio. We started with something really acoustic and we added so many layers in production, which you see in the style of the video – lots of switches and glitches.

kaleidoscope LegsHow are you influenced or inspired by the Montreal music scene?

It’s really encouraging to see so many artists working so independently and being so approachable. You can go to shows in little venues like Divan Orange and Quai des Brumes and just talk to artists after their set – that’s really special. Montreal embraces so many different acts, and you don’t have to be someone huge to be taken in and given an audience.

What might your live show look like?

Definitely visual, interactive… We’re looking to work with artists who can help make the show more visually appealing than just two girls on stage with a bunch of electronics [laughs]. Mirrors, kaleidoscopes – something that reflects us even more.

TrianglesWhere do you hope to see Idie and the Mirrors five years from now?

Touring, traveling the world. Writing and creating music, and hopefully finishing school and all that stuff in the meantime.


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