You just got home and you’re bloody tired. You open the fridge and hope to make something quick yet still delicious. But wait a minute. You don’t have certain ingredients in your pantry because you’ve been too busy to even shop for groceries. Having first hand experience how frustrating this is, Judith Fetzer decided to open a meal-kit delivery startup called Cook It Boutique that drops off your selected choice of meal at your door.


“I first heard of the concept from Germany about four years ago. Back then I was super busy but I still wanted to eat good food. I wasn’t a top chef and wasn’t very good at cooking back then, so finding recipes and ingredients was still very hard, and I didn’t have all the ingredients I would need at home. I waited for that concept to open in Canada for the next two years, but then I realized it wasn’t going to happen. So I just jumped right in,” Fetzer says.


The concept at Cook It is simple: become a better chef from the box to your plate in 30 minutes. The box comes with individually packaged Cook It ingredients and is currently collaborating with sustainable food companies such as Provender and SeaChoice and all ingredients are sourced from local and family owned businesses. To keep everything at top-notch quality, ingredients are ordered from suppliers as soon as clients’ orders are confirmed on the website. The delivery boxes are also developed with recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


One of Cook It’s biggest challenges was changing the mindset of the consumer. “Customers are not used to buying food online, especially in Quebec. I would say the lifestyle in Toronto would make people more likely to purchase things online. That’s a big challenge for us. Even though you have a great idea, you have to know how to get people into your idea and to buy your products,” explains Fetzer. Another obstacle was learning food photography from scratch. The Cook It team hired a professional food photographer when they first started their business but it was too costly, so they eventually learned how to take gorgeous shots of food by themselves.


The current menu at Cook It consists of nine different meals and it changes every week. The meals are categorized as Meat lover, Fish Lover, and Vegetarian. We’ve just checked out what’s on the menu this week (Filet mignon risotto with truffle oil and fried mackerel Caesar salad? Hell yes.) and we’re drooling all over our screen already.

Cook It currently delivers between 12pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. You can check out for more information, here.