Here at the Main we love our city and we love our music, Montreal music in particular, of course. I dug deep on this one to find you some hot new tracks straight out of Montreal and others that will fit perfectly on your summer playlist. Go listen!

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1. San Fermin – Jackrabbit

“Run for the hills, run for the hills, run,” Ellis Ludwig-Leone chimes in on “Jackrabbit.” It’s a refrain that you won’t soon forget, well, that and the rest of the ambitious and energetic track. Keep your eye on San Fermin this year. Jackrabbit is out now.

2. Heat – This Life

Get set to jam out! Montreal rock outfit Heat offer up “This Life” a song, with drowned out vocals and a wailing, playful guitar, which could be anyone’s summer anthem. You have your air guitar out, don’t you? Come see them at Montreal Jazz Festival on July 3!

3. BRAIDS – Warm Like Summer

“Warm Like Summer” from BRAIDS bursts in like a breath of fresh air. The four and a half minute breezy tune features looping drums and soft, soothing vocals, enough for anyone to put those spring showers behind them and embrace the warm summer weather to come. Deep in the Iris comes out April 28. The Montreal three-piece play Le Ritz on May 13 and Metropolis on June 5, opening for Purity Ring.

4. Ginger Ale & the Monowhales – Blue Balls

Ginger Ale & the Monowhales are Toronto party-rockers with a sound that’s easily compared to a more feisty Hey Ocean! “Blue Balls” is a pop, dance, fun, summer–infused new tune. With a catchy chorus and a playful guitar riff this track is sure to be “a danceable summer anthem that’ll cure the ache in your pants,” at least according to the band.

5. The Revival – Tell Me What You Know About Love

Here we’ve got a vocal-driven rock number from Winnepeg four-piece The Revival. “Tell Me What You Known About Love” is loaded with energy, ready to blow your speakers if you’re not careful. It sounds oh-so-familiar, somehow as if it came straight off a classic rock album.

6. Django Django – Beginning to Fade

A clanky, folk shuffle of a tune, Django Django, pull out some insane harmonies. In a weird sense it conjures up the sounds of a revived “Strawberry Fields Forever,” but ultimately is much more of a full-bodied tune with layered guitars. Born Under Saturn is out May 5.

7.  No Joy – Moon in My Mouth

Relax, grab a cold beer, and let this track fill the room. Whether or not that’s how No Joy want you to listen to their latest single “Moon In My Mouth,” one thing is for sure it’ll put you in a blissfully mellow mood. The Montreal shoegazing bunch play Le Ritz on June 4.

8. The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

“Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” takes a spot on our Top 10 list this week and one of the reasons to be particularly excited about this track is because it’s been five whole years since we’ve heard something from this duo, I’m taking about Chemical Brothers. The best part is that nothing has changed – and that’s a good thing. This is Chemical Brothers at their finest.

9. Father John Misty – I’ve Never Been a Woman

If you weren’t lucky enough to snag yourself a copy of Father John Misty’s Record Store Day heart-shaped vinyl, well, don’t fret. Here is the gentle, acoustic “I’ve Never Been a Woman”, not found on FJM’s recent I Love You, Honeybear.

10. De La Soul – God It (ft. Nas)

Oh, yes hip-hop veterans, De La Soul, have still got it. It’s a perfect laidback cut for any lazy Sunday. Although the track is not on their forthcoming record at least it’s “an indication of good music to come.”