There are few feelings that are more freeing than having a car in a busy urban environment. Despite potholes, parking mayhem and aggressive driving, having access to a car in Montreal is key if you want to discover the city without having to go underground. However, there is some bad news.

Quebec’s Minister of Public Safety, Lise Thériault will not abolish the controversial ticket quota system. When asked about the policy, Thériault mentioned that she would not risk child safety and that police officers are mandated to maintain public safety. She also said that when tickets are issued, it has nothing to do with quotas, but rather, that a law was broken.

Some, however, see it another way. According to CJAD news, “Parti Quebecois MNA Pascal Bérubé called the practice a hidden tax that has nothing to do with road safety,” and that the practice of ticket quotas “devalued the [policing] profession.”

It is important to note that when you’re on the road to always act safely and use your best judgment. However, you may want to brush up on your driving theory you learned in driver’s ed just to make sure you aren’t stopped on a technicality.

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Feature image courtesy of: Nico Trinkhaus