When one thinks of Montreal geography, the one street that most people name off the top of their heads is Ste-Catherine Street. It’s the one street, for better or for worse, that most tourists know about before they arrive in Montreal. It’s home to some of the city’s most famous food and shopping destinations and is one of the longest retail stretches in all of North America.

However—as many native Montrealers have taken note—Ste-Catherine Street is not what it once was and is in need of a serious makeover. Yesterday, the city of Montreal has announced a plan for a transformation of Ste-Catherine Street that includes some exciting, innovative and aesthetic changes to the street.

The project of renovating Ste-Catherine Street will roll out over the next 4 years, and the first phase of construction is budgeted at approximately 95 million bucks. According to The Gazette, the project will begin in the Spring of 2017 and will not interfere with Montreal 375 celebrations.

Some cool new things to expect to see on Ste-Catherine Street

  • Free wifi
  • Heated sidewalks
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Reduced speed
  • Fewer parking spaces
  • More pedestrian space

The changes to Ste-Catherine Street seem to be aimed at making it a more pleasant thoroughfare for pedestrians. An emphasis is being made to include more trees and green spaces and to include more areas for people to sit and relax. More specifically, sidewalks are expected to be widened from 4.25 meters to 6.5 meters.

Work Schedule

The work on Ste-Catherine Street is split into 2 phases. The first phase of work will focus on the part of Ste-Catherine Street between Mansfield and Bleury. This phase includes the revamping of Phillips Square. Once this part of the renovations is completed, work on Ste-Catherine Street between Mansfield and Atwater Avenue will begin. The 2nd phase, according to The Gazette, will begin in 2019 and is expected to be completed by 2021.

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