We’re happy to back products that fit with the style and tastes of our readers, so when the SAQ asked us to feature their innovative rosé wines and aromatic wines, we knew just how Montrealers would really enjoy them. Here’s a round-up of the best picnic spots in Montreal now go out and enjoy some food and a few drinks this summer!

Summer in Montreal is like nothing else. The population of the city seems to double, the sun shines, the streets are painted with green, and festival season arrives. Montreal summer makes the brutal 8 months of cold worthwhile and it’s a great time to appreciate some of the city’s parks. The best spots to enjoy it are nearby, and the best way to enjoy it is with friends, having a picnic with food and drinks in the sun. That said The Main brings you the top places to have a picnic in Montreal this summer. Cheers!

Photos by Sonia Primerano. And special thanks to Archer Hard Goods for the picnic essentials.

Montreal Picnic Spots21

The SAQ’s semi-sweet Fuchsia Rosé displaying a supple mouth and aromas of melon and flowers.

Mont Royal, Beaver Lake

7601529094_cdf7722d75_kAfter checking out the city’s skyline from the top of the mountain, stroll back to the big, sloping hill that overlooks Beaver Lake—a famous spot to relax and take in the view. One of Montreal’s most elevated picnic locations, you can enjoy the scenery and some refreshments with a sense of accomplishment that the hike to get there provides. Sunsets here are spectacular.

Photo courtesy of Manuel Menal.

Parc Lafontaine

4855316342_c3ebc1e65f_bFor Plateau dwellers, Parc Lafontaine is a perfect spot to rest and enjoy a picnic. The fountains and the trees, families and young couples make Lafontaine particularly cozy. Find a spot down by the water and gaze at the fountain or people watch—you get all sorts of characters here. Later in the evening, when the lamps that line the waterside light up, breathe in the fresh air and remember why you love this neighbourhood.

Montreal Picnic Spots26

Photo courtesy of Montroyaler.

Parc Maisonneuve

2060311007_257d9fa621_bYou don’t have to pay an entrance fee to enjoy some greenery around the Olympic Stadium. Head over to Parc Maisonneuve and find a sunny spot to take a load off. The open fields are perfect for throwing a frisbee or playing some pick-up soccer and there are plenty of spots to explore. When you get tired, rest up with a picnic in the shade and appreciate a dramatic view of the world’s tallest inclined building poking up over the trees.

Photo courtesy of babaka70.

Montreal Picnic Spots9

Westmount Park

3559978599_c208b1e485_bStop a while to smell the flowers. Westmount Park may be one of Montreal’s best groomed parks and it’s a great place for a picnic. Located a short walk from many of the Westmount shops, you and your friends can hit some stores before walking around the historic library building, watching the water, or wandering through the Victorian-style greenhouse, which houses some awesome plants. When you’re done exploring/shopping, head back to the grass and enjoy some food, wine, and conversation until the sun goes down.

Photo courtesy of Colink..

Montreal Picnic Spots3



This is one of the summer events Montreal is absolutely famous for, and it’s also a great time/place to relax with friends and enjoy a picnic. Since Tam Tams draws people from all walks of life and all the neighbourhoods of the city, people watching is a top activity: position yourself near the drums to watch the drummers and dancers do their thing, sit farther back in the woods to watch the LRPers battle it out, or chill off to the side for some peace and quiet. You’ll need a few extra supplies to fit in here, so bring a guitar, a slack-line, and a frisbee. Now that’s a Montreal picnic.

Photo courtesy of Matias Garabedian

Your Friend’s Rooftop

Montreal Picnic Spots20

When it comes down to it, the best spot to picnic may be the nearest. Your friend’s rooftop is one of the best spots to gather, grab a bite, and pour a few glasses. You’ll have a grill set up right there, a great view you can call your own, and you can bust out your speakers without bothering anyone (except for some grumpy neighbours, perhaps). So shout out to that one friend we all have with the sweet roof, because without them, summer just wouldn’t be the same. And if that’s you: thank you, keep up the good work.

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