Ever since the Montreal Expos were relocated to Washington, D.C. after the 2004 season, there has been a growing call for baseball’s return to Montreal. That call has become louder in recent years, especially after a large showing of approximately 96 000 baseball fans descended on the Big O to watch a couple of Toronto Blue Jays exhibition games earlier this year.

The newly minted commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, after witnessing Montreal’s show of support for baseball, said that the strong fan attendance at the Olympic Stadium signalled that Montreal passed the first test in the long road ahead to get a team to return to the city.

This week, it’s apparent that the road to the return of the Expos is getting a little shorter. On May 28th, Montreal mayor, Denis Coderre, is scheduled to meet with commissioner Manfred about a possible return of the beloved Expos to Montreal.

It’s important to note that this meeting does not indicate that an imminent return of the Expos is on the horizon. Coderre said, “we will show Mr. Manfred our love for the sport…I don’t want to negotiate openly, but we’ll clearly talk about Montreal.”

Coderre also made clear that the meeting was not called in order to set any deadlines. It’s clear that there is a long process when it comes to moving a team to another city or to create an expansion team. This meeting looks like it will focus on generalities and will look at outlining the criteria that is required to be put in place before Montreal would be able to house another professional baseball team.

Let’s have fun with this for a second, though. It’s widely known in the sports world that the Tampa Bay Rays would be a potential team that would have to move in the near future. If the Rays move to Montreal, the prospective new Expos team would be playing in the American League East division barring any changes. Teams in the AL East are the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Orioles, some of the best and most exciting teams to watch if you’re a baseball fan. It’s fun to imagine a new Expos team playing in that exciting division!

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