With Montreal food truck season set to begin May 1st, the city is ready to descend on the Big O to kick off the food truck season with a bang. But have you noticed that you probably have a vague understanding of what it takes to actually run a food truck? Luckily, The Main and Le Cheese have teamed up to lift the veil on the mysterious world of food trucks with this new project: Food Truck Diaries.

Ask yourself these questions: Where do food trucks store all of their food? What is it like to operate inside of a food truck? What is the process of getting food from the truck into my belly? How much food does a truck make on a daily basis? Food Truck Diaries seeks to shed light on these questions and other questions you may have regarding how Montreal’s food trucks operate.

Each week Le Cheese Truck will host one of Montreal’s top instagrammers on their truck who will document, through their eyes, the goings on of running a food truck in Montreal.Truck Diaries

The Main will publish a weekly Food Truck Diaries article documenting the various challenges that food truck operators face, along with posting the inside access photos that the instagrammers capture. Whether it is the goings on of the week of the start of Food Truck Season, the build up to Osheaga, or what happens during the Monkland Street Sale, The Main and Le Cheese will be here to give you exclusive behind the scenes access!

Follow Le Cheese throughout the summer as they attempt to regain the crown of Montreal’s greatest food truck and remember to follow @lecheesetruck and @themain and check out #foodtruckdiaries to keep up to date with latest truck diaries.