Who makes Montreal’s best smoked meat? Who makes Montreal’s best bagel? Who makes Montreal’s best poutine? These debates have been raging in our city for ages. Here at The Main, however, we don’t believe in choosing favorites, but we do like to know the facts. Here’s our breakdown of one classic Montreal food debate—the poutine of Patati Patata vs. La Banquise.

Why La Banquise is the Best

La Banquise- Shinya Suzuki994 Rue Rachel Est

  1. Poutine Variety: If you’re one of those people who likes all sorts of crazy crap on your poutine, La Banquise is the place for you. The menu features 28 different kinds of poutine including crowd favourite, “La Taquise” which comes with guac, sour cream and diced tomatoes.
  2. No Regrets: If you go to La Banquise late at night, the staff will often make you pay immediately. I personally find this innovation to be fantastic, as full, bloated me rarely enjoys paying for poutine after the fact while hungry me will often pay irrational amounts of money for the privilege of sampling a La Banquise poutine.
  3. The Great Outdoors: La Banquise sits right by the beautiful Parc Lafontaine which makes the restaurant an ideal location for sustenance either pre or post-park shenanigans. In the summer, La Banquise also has a cute little terrace so that customers can breath some fresh air while consuming their cheese curds.

Why Patati Patata is the Best

Joanne Levesque4177 Boulevard St-Laurent

  1. The Classic: While Banquise may have the variety, nobody makes a classic poutine quite like Patati Patata. The fries-gravy-cheese ratio is exquisite and the single olive placed on top of each poutine is a nice signature touch.
  2. The Rest of the Menu: La Banquise also has a non-poutine menu, but Patati Patata’s is just straight up better. Their mini, slider-like burgers are fantastic and their borscht is out of this world.
  3. Ordering a Burger: Whenever you order a burger at Patati Patata, the server hands you a little checklist where you can tick off the toppings you want on your burger in order to ensure that your’s is prepared accurately. Why don’t more places do this?

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