Kiesza: May 7th @ Metropolis, $35 in advance, $42 day of

Born in Calagary, Kiesza makes a soulful brand of dance music that touches on house, modern EDM and R&B. After taking the world by storm with her single “Hideaway”, her debut album Sound of a Woman dropped in October and firmly entrenched Kiesza as the biggest crossover house act since Disclosure. The appeal of the Calgarian’s music comes from the fact that it blends elements of modern electro and old school house in such a way that her tracks would be as comfortable at EDC 2015 as an early 90’s warehouse rave. There’s no way to tell which one of those two events Kiesza is going to make Metropolis look like on the 7th but either way, it’s going to be a good time. Grab tickets here!

You’ll Like Kiesza if you listen to: Zedd, Disclosue, Disclosure


Death Cab for Cutie: May 8th @ Metropolis, $44.50 in advance, $47 day of.

If you’re 24 or older, chances are these guys served as the soundtrack to your moody teenaged years. After releasing their masterpiece LPs, Transatlanticism and Plans in the mid-2000s, Death Cab’s sound veered away from its hook-laden, guitar-based core towards synths and experimentation. That era of experimentation appears to be over, however, as critics laud their new album Kintsugi as a return to the catchy melancholia that brought Death Cab to the top of the charts more than a decade ago. Hardcore fans will be disappointed that this is the first album and tour of the band’s career to not feature founding member and guitarist Chris Walla. A couple of listens to Kitsune, though, should put any worries that Death Cab has lost a step to rest. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Death Cab for Cutie if you listen to: Ben Folds Five, Bright Eyes, Nada Surf


Kaiser Chiefs: May 16th @ Corona Theater, $32

Much like Death Cab, Kaiser Chiefs continue to crank out quality tunes under the mainstream radar despite being a decade removed from their most famous album’s release. Unlike Death Cab though Kaiser Chiefs have spent almost their entire career out of the spotlight, Their debut album, Employment came out in 2005 and was chock full of catchy art-punk hits. Unfortunately, in a musical era that featured other art punk luminaries like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs’ efforts went relatively unnoticed. Their prestige may not have increased since then, but they’ve continued to do what they do best, which is make stadium-worthy indie rock anthems. Their latest effort Education, Education, Education and War, is yet another quintessential example of the Kaiser Chief’s uncompromising sound. The sextet is also famous for their aggressive and crowd surf-friendly stage presence so you can bet this show won’t lack entertainment value. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Kaiser Chiefs if you listen to: Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand Bloc Party


Skream: May 17th @ The Belmont, $20

Skream is only 28, but he’s already had a massively varied career. At the tender age of 20, he became one of dubstep’s founding fathers long before the genre reached American shores and got into the hands of Skrillex. As dubstep achieved its current incarnation as robot sex music, though, Skream quickly became disillusioned with the genre he helped create and moved in the direction of disco, house and techno. Despite the fact that Belmont’s sound system is perfectly tailored for dubstep shows, don’t expect Skream to be dropping too much bass at this one. Fans of house and disco, though, definitely won’t be disappointed. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Skream if you listen to: Pete Tong, Jackmaster, Carl Cox


Steel Panther: May 17th @ Metropolis, $34.50 in advance, $37 day of

Simply put, this band is hilariously awesome. The quartet from LA essentially makes a living by parodying the most ridiculous 80’s hair metal bands you can think of. The kicker is that, in doing so, they actually make pretty kick ass hair metal. Imagine White Snake, Guns N Roses and The Darkness had a love child with ADHD. This is Steel Panther. To get a better idea of how crazy these guys are, check out the track listing of their most recent album, All You Can Eat which features songs like, “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home” and “F*cking My Heart in the Ass”. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Steel Panther if you listen to: Tenacious D, Motley Crue, Spinal Tap


Tame Impala: May 20th-21st @ Metropolis, $36.50 in advance, $42 day of.

There aren’t that many true international rock superstars in this DJ-infested musical landscape of ours but Tame Impala are definitely one of them. The Australian sextet’s sound blatantly channels the progressive fuzz of 60’s psychedelia. Tame Impala’s vibe, though, is also quite unique in that it mirrors the 60’s in a way that can’t definitively be traced back to any one band that came from that era. Tame Impala’s live performances are also famous for the way the band uses their recorded tracks as a basis for extended jam sessions that are referred to by fans as “symphonies of sound”. Hardcore Tame Impala fans will love this show, as it will be the first time songs from the outfit’s yet to be released third album Currents will be played. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Tame Impala if you listen to: MGMT, White Denim, Spectral Park


Dan Deacon: May 21st @ Fairmount Theater, $16 in advance, $20 day of.

Dan Deacon is one of the few electronic music artists out there who can legitimately be referred to as a composer. He first came to prominence with 2007’s Spider Man of the Rings, a challenging yet highly intellectual LP of bubble gum pop meets noise rock meets glitch core. While his music may not always be easy to listen to (although every now and then he throws a straight pop anthem into his catalogue), what truly sets Deacon apart from his peers are his live performances. Deacon is famous for performing at floor level amongst the crowd during his shows. He even created an app that will cause your phone to emit light that synchronizes with the music he’s playing. Regardless of how much you already know Deacon’s work, his show is worth seeing as a performance in and of itself. Grab Tickets Here!
You’ll like Dan Deacon if you listen to: Caribou, People Like Us, Rich Aucoin



Gerard Way: May 22nd @ Corona Theater, $37 in advance, $42 day of.

Another nostalgia act from a bygone era who’s found modern success just under the mainstream radar, Gerrard Way is probably best known as the former front man of My Chemical Romance. Way steered MCR’s ship long after emo’s best before date before finally dissolving the band in 2013. In 2014, he released his first solo album Hesitant Alien in which he repurposed his distinct emo twang to a backdrop of brit pop and dance pop that wouldn’t have been out of place on college radio in the early 90’s. This musical makeover seems to be working as Hesitant Alien has garnered a surprising amount of critical praise. Don’t go to the show expecting any MCR covers, though, as Way has explicitly stated that he plans on leaving his former band’s discography behind during his new career. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Gerrard Way if you listen to: David Bowie, Suede, Supergrass


Joel Plaskett: May 28th @ Corona Theater, $24.50 in advance, $27 day of.

Along with bands like The Tragically Hip and Sloan, Joel Plaskett is one of our country’s foremost purveyors of Canadian-brand alt-rock. Plaskett’s unique musical aesthetic has got some serious alt credentials but also manages to incorporate power pop-worthy hooks. Plaskett’s latest LP, The Park Avenue Sobriety Test, continues the Nova Scotian’s long standing tradition of crafting whimsical Canrock but also adds a level of seriousness and introspection that hasn’t been seen in Plaskett’s previous work. A Joel Plaskett show is the kind of concert where you come in as a casual fan and leave as a fanatic so this is one you should definitely check out regardless of your knowledge of Plaskett’s discography. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Joel Plaskett if you listen to: Sloan, Wilco, The Tragically Hip


Drake: May 31st @ Bell Center, $52-169

The man who single handedly put Toronto on the map graces our fair city in support of his most recent album, If You’re Reading This,. It’s Too Late. Very few rap artists have the ability to make a $70 Bell Center ticket worth the price of admission but Drake is well known for giving fans exactly what they pay for. He doesn’t slack on his lyrical performance and spends ample amounts of showing the audience his appreciation. There’s a 99% chance Drake’s not going to get to first base with Madonna at this show but it should be a good time nonetheless. Grab Tickets Here!

You’ll like Drake if you listen to: Kid Cudi, The Weeknd.

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