In honour of it finally warming up in Montreal after a brutal winter, here’s our list of some must-try Montreal milkshakes to welcome summer to the city!


1. Beauty’s

Montreal milkshakesBeauty’s is known for many things, you know, like being the godfather of brunch in Montreal. What you probably didn’t know is that they also make one of the best milkshakes in Montreal. Their Oreo smoothie is one of their specialties, along with the famed Beauty’s Special and Mishmash omelette. It tastes exactly how you’d dream it would—maybe even better. Beauty’s is only open during the day, and while this may seem heavy for a morning snack (the portion is pretty giant), it’s completely worth it.


Montreal milkshakes: MbrgrChocolate milkshakes may dominate this list, but when it comes to Montreal milkshakes, MBRGR‘s is the thickest and richest one here. Not only is the milkshake amazing on its own, but you can add a shot of espresso or make it a spiked milkshake with your choice from an extensive list of alcohols. Given that MBRGR’s menu isn’t exactly light, you may want to share it. Actually, just go for it yourself—no judgement.

3. Suite 88 Chocolatier

 When it comes to Montreal milkshakes, Suite 88‘s milkshakes are not to be missed. Get them quick though, because they’re only offered in the summer months! Made with any flavour of gelato with milk, cream, and their vanilla whipped cream, the milkshake is a perfect combination of fresh and made-in-house ingredients. My recommendation would be the praline or the chocolate sea salt gelato.

4. Chef on Call

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Chef on Call is a favourite among many Montrealers because of their late delivery. It’s also a must-try when it comes to Montreal milkshakes. When you make your late night cravings order, don’t skip the milkshake. They have a lot of different flavours, like cookie dough, Oreo, toasted marshmallow and several kinds of fruit flavours. Whatever you’re in the mood for, they have it. And you don’t even have to leave your house!

5. Dairy Queen

Montreal milkshakes: DQFinally, while the standard order at DQ would usually be a Blizzard, the chocolate milkshake is not to be overlooked. When you use the best soft serve in a milkshake, great things come of it. And, since Dairy Queen has multiple locations, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to get it!


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