Commuting is something that people in every urban environment have to do. Though people may complain, in Montreal we are spoiled by a metro system that’s efficient, fast, and safe way to manoeuvre around the city. Although you probably wouldn’t want to spend days on end in Montreal’s mythic “underground city,” the Montreal Metro does have its own particular aesthetic. Photographer Chris Forsyth is able to skillfully capture the idiosyncratic look and feel of the various metro stations that comprise the Montreal Metro system with his Mtl Metro Project.

Follow Chris on Instagram @chrismforsyth and you’ll see stark yet visually pleasing photos depicting various Montreal metro stops. If you type in #mtlmetroproject you’ll see the Montreal metro system from angles you never thought existed.

Chris believes that the Montreal Metro’s architecture is “overlooked.” Indeed, at first glance, when a commuter enters any given station on any given line, it is easy to write off the Montreal Metro as a cement jungle. Take a closer look through Chris’ lens, however, and his Mtl Metro Project will force you to notice that the slabs of cement that make up each station have a personality of their own. Unlike the Moscow Metro, the Montreal Metro does not have priceless works of art on display; you won’t see a Group of Seven piece at Berri Uquam. But if you examine Chris’ Mtl Metro Project photos closely, you’ll realize that the Montreal Metro is beautiful in its own unique way.