Break out of your shell and discover some new music this week. On tap we’ve got a bunch of brand new tunes from all over the globe, and most notably from Canadians including Montreal’s very own Yardlets. Enjoy!

Some new tracks didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Titus Andronicus – Dimed Out

What a powerhouse! “Dimed Out” blends Andrew W.K. with Rancid’s “…And Out Come the Wolves” to produce something that hasn’t been heard since then. The Most Lamentable Tragedy is out in July. Titus Andronicus are red hot right now.

2. The Helio Sequence – Upward Mobility

This is what I’m talking about! Emanuele Kabu’s smooth vocals are just perfect for this mellow pop single which features roomy percussion and guitar lines. The Helio Sequence hits shelves May 18.

3. Tora – Jaigantic

A soothing number from Tora, is quickly filled with swooning synths and shifty jangles. It’s a perfect summer road trip tune, clocking in at just three minutes. The five-piece’s EP, Intro, drops on May 5. Tora play La Sala Rossa on May 4.

4. Yardlets – Baby Deer

Here are the Yardlets, straight from our own backyard. From fellow Montrealers comes, “Baby Deer”, a perfect psychedelic rocker off their sophomore effort, Good Hangs. Yardlets are composed of Sam Goldberg Jr. (Broken Social Scene, Hawaii) and Jeff Edwards (Shot While Hunting).

5. Yes We Mystic – Wood Wheel

Take a slow descent into the world of Winnepeg’s Yes We Mystic with “Wood Wheel” off their latest EP, Vestige. The art-pop bunch provide us with the purest orchestral pop on this latest track, which, for me, conjures up some elements and vocals off of Hotelier’s “Home, Like Noplace There Is”. Yes We Mystic’s EP is out May 5.

6. Mikal Cronin – Turn Around

“Turn Around” is an ambitious folk-pop track from California singer-songwriter Mikal Cronin. It is best described as “a shimmering tsunami” crammed with ferocity. The highly anticipated, MCIII, will be out May 5.

7. Disclosure – Bang That

“Work that!” Disclosure are back with an insanely addictive track. There’s no word if this one will be off the dance brother’s Settle follow up. Just in time for summer!

8. Tom West – The Call

Ah, a beautifully crafted song from Aussie singer-songwriter Tom West. If you listen closely enough you can hear glimmers of Beirut and even Neil Young. “The Call” will sweep you off your feet, be ready. The EP, Oncoming Clouds, is out now.

9. Cherokee Red – Comeback

Fresh, fresh, fresh! Pennsylvania-natives, Cherokee Red, offer up a fresh single, “Comeback”. The track features an eclectic mix of instrumentation, over beautifully lush vocals and short guitar bits. Go have a listen!

10. Future Islands – Haunted by You

“Haunted by You” is a slow burner from the synth pop outfit, Future Islands. It’s one of those songs that is perfect for throwing on as you’re getting ready for your day. Featuring, of course, Samuel T. Herring’s unmistakable vocals, it’s just missing that punch to make it more of a pop-hit perfect for after work.