Three years in the making, the Montreal new-wave virtuoso releases his second LP on Friday, May 15.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new record from Montreal’s Pat Jordache, but a lot has happened in the lead up to his Future Songs follow-up. In three years he’s managed to build his own impeccable recording studio, develop and expand the roster on his own Banko Gotiti label, AND put out new music, his “Singles Series”, prior to lining up his latest album.

Steps is a collection of stunning new material, like the liquid funk rhythm on the summery “Morning Sun” and unrelenting synths and ethereal vocals on “O.M.O”. The four new tracks are balanced by remastered cuts from several of Jordache’s digital Singles Series, including the mighty “Steps” and the easily complicated, but sonically beautiful, “Anonymous Woman,” which is coated in dense instrumentation that embodies Steps’ album cover. It is the culmination of years of carefully curated sounds and judicious attention to detail, while still allowing it to sound like an effortless, weekend-party record.

Cover ArtJordache is not pouncing on an opportunity to insert a hook here or there–although each song is strikingly memorable–but an opportunity to reach your mind when it’s at its most vulnerable state, forcing it to wander to uncharted sonic territories. Think intricate perfection, not calculated obsession.

Steps is wittingly strange, but fun when it needs to be while also at times becoming deservedly somber and skeptical. It all works – most certainly complex, but easily accessible and just plain danceable. Jordache produces something irrefutably presque vu, holding your attention hostage. With sounds lending themselves to Eno and Talking Heads, Jordache arguably asserts himself as a young veteran in the scene with his second effort.

Steps arrives this Friday, May 15 and Montreal’s Pat Jordache has got an album launch show planned at Bar Le Ritz PDB for June 26. Jordache also plays Elvis Guesthouse in New York on May 27.

Listen to the opening title track “Steps” below! The album is available for purchase here.