Le Velvet, one of Montreal’s hottest clubs, just got hotter. On Thursday May 14th, Velvet will be graced by Ryan Playground a.k.a. Geneviève Martel Ryan who will kick off Thursday Basement Sessions at Le Velvet. If you haven’t heard about this multi-talented artist, let us give you a brief background.

Ryan Playground is a model who also happens to be a talented DJ. What a combo! She’s worked for high-profile brands such as Vera Wang, Miyake, Rudsak and Mackage. However, music has always been a major force in her life. On May 14th at the first of Velvet’s weekly Basement Sessions, get ready to have your mind blown as Ryan Playground melds electro and hip-hop to create a stellar social atmosphere at club that perfectly accommodates the socially and musically inclined.

You might ask yourself how a model could also be a DJ. Just take a look at Ryan Playground’s stacked resumé. She’s played at Montréal en Lumière, Igloofest, Fashion & Design Festival and the MEG Montréal Festival. If for nothing else, you should make your way to Le Velvet for its historically rich venue, which was built in 1754, and its reputation for bringing in top local and international DJs.

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