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This is the article is the second in a series of Montreal street profiles. Check out our profile on Atwater, here!

Top Five Things To Do (that you may not have done before):

1. Get educated at the Montreal Science Center. It’s technically a few hundred meters past the Southern tip of Saint Laurent, but the Montreal Science Center is too awesome not to include on this list. It has an IMAX Theater that shows documentaries on pandas and the deep-sea creatures and it probably also has one of those metal balls that makes your hair stand up when you touch it. There’s also a pretty cool exhibit going on until September about the history of video games. Whatever your scientific fancy, this is a place where everybody can let his or her inner nerd roam free.

science center- Adam Fagen

Photo by Adam Fagen

2. Get greasy food at Montreal Pool Room. There are a lot of legendary fast food joints all over Montreal but Montreal Pool Room is perhaps one of the most overlooked. MPR is known for its amazing fries and for the fact that it doesn’t actually have a pool table. This place’s walls have seen a lot of our city’s history and if you head there for steamie on the night of a Montreal Canadiens game, you can hang out with a group of regulars who eat fast food while listening to the game on the radio. Old School.

3. Go get crazy at Les Bobards. I’ll admit that I’ve never actually been inside this bar but literally every time I walk past it, there’s some sort of raging party going on inside. A quick perusal of the bar’s website reveals that this place does musical improve every Tuesday, ska and reggae every Thursday and Cuban music every Sunday. Also, their happy hour runs from 3pm to 8pm EVERY DAY. Awesome.

chinatown- Aarchiba

Photo by Aarchiba

4. Grab a cup of tea at Salon de Thé Cardinal. This is the place to be for anybody who loves tea, scones or feeling like they’re drinking tea and eating scones in the 1920’s. The old school Victorian ambiance is fantastic and the 20 or so teas on the menu are all delectable. Their savory foods game is also very on point. Try the cheddar bacon thyme muffin.

5. Go lie in the sun at Jarry Park. Fans of our city’s sports history will certainly appreciate the fact that Jarry Park was the first ever home of the Expos. Beyond that though, there’s plenty to do at one of Montreal’s nicest and underappreciated parks. There are great tennis facilities, bike and walking paths dotted with gazebos and even a pond. For those who are in to the more alternative sports, Jarry also hosts some of Montreal’s highest quality cricket and bocce ball fields.

jarry park- abdallahh

Photo by Abdallahh


Year of Inauguration: 1720.
Former Name: Saint-Lambert Street.
Starts at: Sommerville Avenue (Northern end).
Ends at: De La Commune Street (Southern end).
Length: 11.25 km.
Metro Station(s): De Castelnau Station (Blue Line), Saint Laurent Station (Green Line).

Named After:

Lawrence of Rome, a deacon of ancient Rome who lived during the 3rd century CE. Lawrence is famous for openly defying the Roman emperor of at the time who went by the name Valerian. In 258 CE, Valerian demanded that Lawrence turn over all of the riches of the Catholic Church to the Roman Empire. Lawrence asked for three days to gather all the wealth but, instead, spent the days distributing as much of the Church’s money as he could to the poor. When the three days were up, Lawrence presented a delegation of poor, blind and crippled people to the emperor and stated that they were the true riches of the church. Unsurprisingly, he was martyred soon after.

Saint Laurent and Saint Catherine- McCord Museum

Photo of St-Laurent and St-Catherines from the McCord Museum archives.

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