In case you’ve missed the slew of Instagram photos of chocolate dipped ice creams against their signature turquoise walls, La Diperie on Avenue des Pins has become a hotspot in the two years they’ve been open. Their striking turquoise walls make a trip to La Diperie feel like a quick summer retreat where the most stressful decisions are what chocolate and toppings to get.

DSC_7021While La Diperie has certainly expanded in size since last summer, it is still fairly small and has maintained its quaint feel. If you didn’t know to look for it, you might pass right by. There’s only room to stand (perfect for nighttime summer lineups), but they have a cozy terrasse to the side of the entrance. With their 15+ kinds of chocolate to choose from, and your choice of toppings, the options are endless.

DSC_7036Most exceptional to this Plateau ice cream shop is the warmth and hospitality from the owners. Marlyn was eager and proud to share her and her husband Francisco‘s story, and insisted on how grateful they were for the sense of community in Montreal, specifically in the Plateau. Coming from Venezuela, she said she initially missed the feeling of a close community, but the neighborhood quickly made her feel at home again thanks to the regular customers that she has come to know and the first-time customers she gets to meet.

One thing is for sure, you will definitely leave La Diperie with a smile on your face (and maybe a little ice cream too).

Find La Diperie at 68 Ave des Pins Est, or find them on Facebook.