Loïc and Turbo Haüs are a combination of a wine bar and venue that’s as unique as it sounds. Even the building itself is one of a kind — originally the Molson Bank of Montreal (circa 1905), it’s got a vintage and rich feel inside and out that’s gorgeous, simply put. Now, thanks to its new owners, the building has been renovated to include two separate places that work together to help people discover new experiences. We sat down with owners Mikey Griffin, Sergio Da Silva, and Jordan Brown to shed some light on what and how the space came to be. Let’s break it down:

Loïc is an up-and-coming wine bar that aims to remove itself from the pretentiousness that comes with drinking fine wine, oysters, and the like. Mikey explains that he wants it to feel the same as going to a restaurant where you’re friends with the staff. “There’s nothing stopping anyone from having that experience,” he says, “you just need to build the space where people can feel like that.” Essentially, Loïc tries to break the existing mold where price determines quality. In mike’s words: “that’s an archaic system, there’s no reason that [we] can’t provide you good products at an affordable price… people do their groceries and don’t break the bank to eat well. It shouldn’t be any different when you go to a restaurant.”

loicLoïc has an extensive wine programme that is exclusively imported and not available to buy in retail stores; it’s meticulously picked to provide an amazing experience for newbies and connoisseurs alike. The best part though, is that bottles start at around the thirty-dollar mark, and don’t get much more expensive than one hundred. What’s more, they’ll be serving some small dishes for food such as: cheese, charcuterie, smoked fish, and oysters.

Mikey puts it best when he tells us: “I want it to feel like it’s a part of the community. You can come hang out, enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t worry about anything, just come and have a good time. Don’t worry about which wine goes with which dish, that’s why we’re here. We’re going to take care of you.” Loïc aims to be a classy place that you (and your wallet) won’t feel bad for visiting on more than just special occasions.

Meanwhile, Turbo Haüs—which is on the second floor of the same building—follows the same train of thought. It offers a beautiful, intimate venue with a fantastic sound system, great acoustics, and a friendly environment. Prior to the move, Turbo Haüs was known as a grungier venue that mostly did punk shows, and while that’s still something that they’re going to keep doing, they want to offer the space to any artist that offers something new and interesting for people to check out.

Hoping to marry the two levels, Turbo Haüs and Loïc’s owners want people to come for a show and stay for drinks. “[We] don’t want people to walk in and immediately get it […We] want people to come out and experience something new, feel a little out of their element […] Maybe people don’t know that they would enjoy something because they’ve simply never done it.”

This winning combination means that people who are downstairs in Loïc can walk upstairs to check out a show and find interest in things they would have otherwise not been exposed to, and vice versa. Of course, you can stay upstairs and have drinks; after the show, tables and chairs come out for your comfort. But you can always hop downstairs for a scotch or glass of wine, which—in our opinion—sounds like the makings of many great nights to come.


To see their upcoming shows, visit Turbo Haüs’s website, and to be notified of Loïc’s official opening, check out their Facebook page!