Grilling season’s far from over, and one of Montreal’s most anticipated grill-centric food weeks is still to come. Starting September 1st, Le Burger Week—a seven-day foodie festival for our city’s burger lovers—will be kicking off and promises to be “juicier and tastier than ever.” And after seeing the list of over 40 participating restaurants lined up for the fest’s fourth edition, it’s easy to see why.

Along with the stellar roster of participants we’ve listed below, LBW’s guests have a few exciting new additions to look forward to at the festival this year. Not only is there a brand new “Le Burger Week App” (available on both iOS and android) to make voting for your favourite burgers that much easier, but the fest’s organizers will also be introducing #LeBurgerSelfie: an initiative that encourages attendees to post pictures of themselves with their burgers on social media for a chance to win a prize (spoiler: the prize is a FitBit, but after all those burgers, it’s safe to say we could all use one!).

LBW Co-Founder Na'eem Adam's #LeBurgerSelfie

LBW Co-Founder Na’eem Adam’s #LeBurgerSelfie

Bringing back their traditional prizes as well, participants are invited to try as many burgers as they can throughout the week and will be rewarded participation points according to the number of burgers they’ve eaten. At the end of the festival, the lucky burger fan with the most points will go home with a handful of gift certificates to Le Burger Week’s participating restaurants. On the other hand, the LBW’s participating restaurants will be competing for prizes themselves. Upon crafting “a unique burger consistent with their overall concept and cuisine”, these establishments have the chance to be voted the winner for one of three categories: The Imposter (the best “fake” burger), Judge’s Choice (the most popular burger), and Best Veggie

As if you needed any more reasons to be pumped for Montreal’s Le Burger Week 2015, here’s the festival’s full list of participating restaurants, accompanied by mouthwatering photos of just some of the many scrumptious burgers you have to look forward to this year!


Le Burger Week 2015: Montreal Burger Guide

  • Pub Burgundy Lion — Little Burgundy Burger
  • Griffintown Café —Burger Poutine
Griffintown Cafe

Griffintown Cafe

  • ART:BRGR — Who’s Your Daddy Caveman Burger
  • Taverne F — Burger de boeuf et foie gras
  • La Cabane du Portugal — Lusitania Supreme Burger
La Cabane du Portugal

La Cabane du Portugal

  • M: BRGR — Anna Roma
  • Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar — Big Devil Burger
Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge

  • Balconville Pub Gourmand — Bavette Burger 1855 du Baconville
  • Restaurant Kyomi — Peking Duck Burger
  • Fabergé — The Red-Eye


  • La Bêtise — PORKBURGER
  • Fresh Mint —Moroccan Lamb Burger

Fresh Mint

  • Monsieur Resto + Bar — THE PRETENDER
  • Bar Brutus — The 6 Pack
Bar Brutus

Bar Brutus

  • Les Enfants Terribles — TBA
  • Minced. La Maison de Burgers — Creamy Dill
  • Brasserie Rachel Rachel — Korean Chicken Burger
Brasserie Rachel Rachel

Brasserie Rachel Rachel

  • Le Gourmet Burger — TBA
  • Copoli — TBA
  • L’Assommoir — Quebec Bison Burger & Jack Sauce


  • Copper Branch — Mansori Burger: 100% Plant-Based
  • QDC Burger —TBA
  • Burger Bar Crescent — Detour Burger
Burger Bar Crescent

Burger Bar Crescent

  • Monsieur Smith — Monsieur Smith Classic
  • Thursday’s Montreal — ALENTEJANA Burger
  • Brasserie Artisanale L’amère à Boire — Burger aux saveurs des sous-bois

Brasserie Artisanale L’amère à Boire

  • Lola Rosa — Vege Burger
  • Vallier — Shrimp Roll Burger
  • JoBlo Restaurant Steakhouse — The Mighty Leviticus
Jo Blo Restaurant

JoBlo Restaurant Steakhouse

  • Medley Simply Malt — Burger Medley
  • Burger Royal — TBA
  • Notkins — TBA
Medley Simply Malt

Medley Simply Malt

  • Mckibbin’s Irish Pub — Mckibbin’s Jameson Firecracker Burger
  • Pub Bishop & Bagg — Bishop & Bagg “Brawn Burger”
Bishop & Bagg

Bishop & Bagg

  • Mange-Moi — Le Mont-Royal
  • Café Vasco da Gama — Fresh Tuna Burger
Cafe Vasco Da Gama

Café Vasco Da Gama

  • L’Gros Luxe — TBA
  • Bistro des bières belges — Le Trappiste
Bistro Bieres Belges

Bistro des Bières Belges

  • Bofinger Parc Avenue — The Titanic
  • La Brasserie Saint-Denis — The Brasserie Burger!
  • Henri Saint-Henri — The Henri Classic

Henri Saint-Henri

  • Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace — TBA
  • Chez Boris — TBA

For more information or to vote for your favourite burgers of the festival, visit Le Burger Week’s website!